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Engineering And Science – What Engineering Has To Do With Manufacturing?

Posted by on Apr 25, 2016

Engineering And Science – What Engineering Has To Do With Manufacturing?

If you are not an engineer, you may have troubles understanding how manufacturing and engineering are in correlation with science and each other for that matter. In order to make it easier for you to understand what the connection is between these disciplines, make sure you read the following article and it will make everything you need to know about engineering, science and manufacturing crystal clear!


What Engineering Focuses On?

Different types of engineering, or to be more precise different branches of engineering focus on different things and have different specialties. That being said, there are branches of engineering that focus on manufacturing and use science in order to make it easier for them to manufacture what they need in order to be able to design, develop and sustain different engineering systems.

For example, biomolecular engineering focuses on manufacturing of biomolecules, in order to be able to develop some of the following specialties, such as: genetic engineering, immunology and biomolecular or biochemical engineering, and engineering of DNA or RNA, which is the engineering of the genetic material otherwise known as genetic engineering.

Similarly molecular engineering, which is a branch of chemical engineering as well, focuses on manufacturing of molecules in particular. As you know molecules are particles that our whole world is ultimately made of, so their engineering can help change as well as understand the world that surrounds us.

Then we should also mention manufacturing engineering which is the scientific discipline that is a subdiscipline of mechanical engineering and which is directly concerned with dealing with different manufacturing practices and the research and development of various systems, processes, machines, tools and equipment. Any industrial manufacturing project relies on good shim washers, nuts and bolts. Energy engineering also deals with manufacturing processes, but as a subdiscipline of mechanical engineering as well, it is concerned more with energy efficiency, energetic systems and how we can use the knowledge from various scientific disciplines such as fields of physics, math, chemistry, in order to apply them to developing renewable sources of energy such as wind energy, solar energy, biomass energy, and hydro energy.

Another subdiscipline of engineering that deals with engineering processes is agricultural engineering, which applies engineering principles to agricultural fields, such as farms, but also to power and machinery which is used in agriculture, biological material and processes, bioenergy, farms structures and so on.

Furthermore, agricultural engineering is dealing with bioprocess engineering which is concerned with the manufacturing of products from biological materials, as well as food engineering which is the manufacturing of food.

In addition to that, industrial engineering is also an engineering subdiscipline which deals with manufacturing engineering. Manufacturing engineering is the engineering of processes which are used in manufacturing.

Manufacturing engineering researches and develops tools, processes, machines and equipment in order to integrate facilities and systems for producing quality products with optimal expenditure.

As you can see, engineering is based on science, sometimes it uses more than one scientific discipline in order to be able to manufacture a specter of products varying from energy to food.
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